Indian Power Generation and Capacity – May 2019 Update

Two months since the last update, and as usual, the latest CEA generation data takes over a month to publish, so data until April is shown.

India is generating more electricity than ever, with the advent of a major heatwave in late May and early June in the north of the country.  

Month-to-month generation does not suggest any particular pattern, but 12-month moving averages reveal two noteworthy features.  The first is that thermal generation has plateaued in the last four months, even while overall generation has continued to increase. The second is that hydro has experienced a recent up-tick, at least partly explained by relatively high dam and river levels  particularly in the north and west, relative to last year.  

Unsurprisingly, solar continues to surge as the major growth component of overall renewable generation. 

The 12 month average for solar generation is now 8.7 times higher than it was in March 2015, and in that period it has risen from producing 14% of wind’s output to 65% currently.

A 3,652 MW jump in thermal capacity two months ago, with the addition of eight units in several states, made only a small bite into the clear lead held by renewable capacity additions.  These are virtually all solar and wind.  

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