Indian Power Generation and Capacity – October 2019 Update

A late post, and from this point renamed to reflect the month of posting, given that CEA updates are scattered across the month and sometimes lag, and some data is now first published on the National Power Portal rather than the main CEA site.

The story for this update is a downturn in generation on a 12 month averaged basis, evident in both renewable and especially thermal generation, while hydro and nuclear have continued increasing. It looks as if the sagging of India’s economic growth rate (over-estimated by 2.5% at the best of times, according to former former Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian) is beginning to take a bite out of demand.

A decline in a moving average isn’t the same as a full year-on-year annual decrease, of course, but generation growth has clearly slowed.

Of renewable sources, solar has (just) maintained its increasing trend, but wind power, while at its annual monsoon-related high in the last couple of months, was noticeably lower than a year ago. This led to a modest dip in overall renewable energy generation when averaged over 12 months.

Additions to the thermal fleet just kept pace with renewables in July and August. September’s data, normally first cab of the rank, had not been published as of the date of this post.

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