Indian Power Generation and Capacity – January 2020 Update

Generation remains in a slump, with overall output barely growing. Thermal generation has started to stabilise relative to last year as of late December, however. (Note: different scales on y-axes).

This is especially clear in the seasonally averaged data. While overall generation is still higher than a year ago, the moving average for thermal generation has not been this low for the last 19 months. Renewables are static but not in decline, and hydroelectric power is still on the rise, even when normalised for increased capacity. This is in part because 2018 was a poor hydro generation year.

Little change this month in renewable output overall, but there has been a slight recovery in wind power, which had been lagging the previous year’s output.

Averaged over twelve months, there has been no noteworthy change in total renewable generation or its composition.

There were additions to solar, wind and thermal capacity in the last month, but thermal capacity increases still lag the combined increase in renewables and hydro since the (arbitrary) January 2017 date that marks the start of this data series.

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