Indian Power Generation and Capacity – February 2019 Update

This month we omit the daily generation graphs, as it is too early in the year for interesting patterns to have emerged.

Monthly generation values have now been updated to December, including renewable generation. Generation values remain at a relatively low point in the year.

Moving averages show a small recent increase in hydro generation, and nuclear declining from its recent peak.

The CEA is integrating the reporting of renewable generation with that from conventional sources in an increasingly timely way. The trend for more solar sees this source generating 37% more power in December 2018 than it did in the same month for 2018, and the combined 12-month moving average for all renewable sources has now surpassed 10,000 GWh per month.

Although net coal capacity edged up, the increments in December for solar and wind saw them outpace thermal capacity changes, relative to our reference data in January 2017.

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